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Why See a Nutritionist?

Everybody has slightly different reasons for coming to see a Nutritionist, so it really is a bespoke service. You may be looking to gain food label skills or want advice as to how to put more of a spring in your step, everyone is different.

There is so much conflicting advice about what to eat and drink, from 'you need a juice detox,' to, 'juice is bad for you,' that it can be a real minefield to navigate!

Fleur can help you understand what all of this means, in the context of a healthy lifestyle for you, giving you the skills to choose what you want to eat as a part of a sustainable healthy diet.

You will not be made to eat broccoli pancakes or matcha tea (unless you want to?!) as Fleur keeps things realistic, personalised to the client and understands that everyone has their own preferences.

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Child Health

In the rapidly developing world of nutrition, it is often difficult to sort through the information we read and hear in the media, to know what is best for ourselves and our children, to eat.

Fleur works in the child nutrition field, as well as being a parent herself, so has experience of weaning right through to secondary school aged children. 

Fleur works with children from 4-18 in schools, giving health promotion talks as well as conducting cooking workshops to teach children basic nutrition and food preparation skills.

Your Child

Being a parent is often very challenging, especially if your child goes through stages of 'fussy eating' or you just aren't sure if they are getting a balanced diet.

Fleur can help you navigate the world of nutrition, tailored specifically to your child, since we are all unique. 

Most children go through a period of 'fussy eating' at some point, however with some children this phase persists. Fleur can give you tools and skills to navigate this, supporting you to less stress around food and more enjoyable mealtimes with your children.

Having a fresh pair of eyes to suggest subtle tweaks to your current routine may be all that is necessary, to make mealtimes an enjoyable experience once again, for the whole family.

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Fleur Key BSc PGDip ANutr

Fleur Key ANutr

Fleur has a degree in Human Nutrition, a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health and has been working as a Nutritionist, specialising in child nutrition, since 2014.

As a mum of two, Fleur understands how busy life can get and that preparing food can often become a burden, so champions people giving simple cooking a go.

Fleur likes to keep things simple by leading an active life, spending as much time with her kids as possible and eating wholesome foods she enjoys (including dessert!) - life is for living after all!

You can also catch Fleur posting photos of her kids' packed lunches on Instagram.

*photo of me by Zoe Cloke @zed._.see & photo of the Whitstable sea by Liz Martin @lam_photos_uk

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